The UK ‘Cement Admixtures Association’ - ‘CAA’

Member of EFCA - The ‘European Federation of Concrete Admixture Associations’


The CAA is a trade association founded in 1963 and representing over 85% of UK admixture manufactures who are committed to offering the highest standards of product quality and support.

Admixtures are specially formulated products that are added in small amounts to concrete, mortar or grout during the mixing process in order to modify the concrete properties in the plastic and / or hardened state.

Admixtures provide enhanced concrete quality, improved durability and deliver cost-benefits to both the producer and the user. The Sustainability and environmental profile of concrete is also enhanced by admixture use.

New Briefs :

  • Admixture EPD: 6 generic admixture declarations compiled under the ISO 14040 series are available on the publications page. New EPD to EN 15804 are under preparation and should be available later in 2015.

  • Construction Products Regulation (CPR): This replaced the CPD in 2011 and requires that all harmonised construction products including admixtures are CE marked and that a Declaration of Performance DoP, is available. These should be available on CAA members web sites.

  • Admixtures for Sustainable Concrete: Normal Plasticising Admixture use can typically reduce the CO2 by more than 20kg per cubic meter of concrete. Superplasticiser use could more than double this

  • O2 savings of over 700,000t: The typically savings each year by current admixture use.

  • Environmental, Sustainability, Technical  and General information on admixture use, together with Reports and Guidelines can be found on the ‘Publications Page’ of this website.

  • CAA Chairman - Graham Moorfield, Grace
    Vice Chairman - Dean Clarke, Christeyns
    Technical Committee Chairman - Neil Dowie, Cemex
    Secretary – John Dransfield

  • CAA reference cement. The requirements for reference cement   complying with EN 480 were amended by CEN in 2011 and most UK manufacturers of bulk cement should now be able to provide average quality samples meeting the revised specification. CAA has therefore terminated its sale of certified reference cement complying with EN 480.



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