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Schülke & Mayr GmbH were founded in Hamburg in 1889 which saw the beginning of a pioneering company – developing the first branded disinfectant, the first preservative for metalworking fluids, the first patented preservative for water-based emulsion paints, patented cosmetic preservative actives and patented synergistic blends for technical product preservation. Today, schülke manufactures over 200 speciality products, has subsidiaries throughout Europe, USA and China together with distribution partners globally ensuring an international availability of our products and services. The company is part of Air Liquide Group which has 40,000 employees and a turnover of nearly €12 billion. In the UK, as in all subsidiaries, schülke offers hygiene training and products to the hospital, dental and medical industries through the Hygiene International division. For the personal care, metalworking and building and construction industries, the Special Additives International division works with one aim – to avoid microbial contamination in our customers’ products and processes using a comprehensive Microbiological Quality Management concept. Due to the water-based character of many concrete admixtures and their composition they are a suitable media for microbial growth. Our parmetol® and grotan® products offer cost effective preservation of polycarboxylate, lignosulphonate, sugar or molasses based admixtures. A range of products are available based on various biocidal chemistries. Advice from chemists and microbiologists in the UK coupled with our extensive R&D facility in Germany with industry based expertise will ensure customers obtain the optimum solution for the preservation of their admixture and the best advice for plant hygiene measures.

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