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Full members manufacture and sell admixtures: BASF, Cementaid, CEMEX, GCP Applied Technologies, Oscrete, Sika.

Associate members sell supporting products: Borregaard, Elkem, Yara.

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Oscrete Construction Products

Oscrete Construction Products are part of the Christeyns NV group, based in Gent, Belgium. The Company manufactures and distributes formulated chemical products with four divisions; concrete admixtures, laundry products, industrial soaps and consumer products. Each division is responsible for its own marketing and servicing to provide a focus and meet the specific needs of the industries it serves. The Oscrete Division, office and manufacturing, is based at Bradford, West Yorkshire. It supplies and services the Oscrete range of admixtures to the concrete industry. A wide range of Oscrete admixtures is available for all applications, with specifically formulated products for the precast and mortar industries. The Company has its own testing laboratory and technical staff providing a comprehensive technical service. All products are manufactured under the regime of ISO 9001 Quality System and delivered by the Company’s own fleet of fully equipped vehicles. Oscrete admixtures have established a reputation for quality and service which is supported by a commitment to future development.