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Full members manufacture and sell admixtures: Master Builders Solutions UKCHRYSO UK, GCP Applied Technologies, Oscrete, Sika.

Associate members sell supporting products: Borregaard, Elkem, Yara.

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Elkem Materials

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Elkem Materials is a unit of the Norwegian based company Elkem ASA – one of the world’s largest metal producers.  Elkem Materials markets the co-products from the metals operations, principally Elkem Microsilica® (aka: Silica Fume).  This product is a highly reactive, superfine pozzolana and can be used to enhance the properties of most cementitious applications.  Major fields of use are in the fibrecement, refractory and concrete industries.  Research on microsilica began in the early 1950s and the product is now used world-wide to increase the durability and performance of concrete.  The advantages include; longer lifetime of structures; better chemical resistance; higher strength and increased corrosion resistance.  As well as the sale of high quality microsilica, Elkem Materials offer; global supply and distribution; an international sales network; advice on handling and production; full technical assistance including a research and advisory service.

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