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Full members manufacture and sell admixtures: Master Builders Solutions UKCHRYSO UK, GCP Applied Technologies, Oscrete, Sika.

Associate members sell supporting products: Borregaard, Elkem, Yara.

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Home 830 Birchwood Boulevard Birchwood Warrington Cheshire WA3 7QZ United Kingdom Work Phone: 01925 855330 Work Fax: 01925 855350 Website: GCP
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GCP Applied Technologies was formed in January 2016 by the spin-off of W. R. Grace & Co.’s construction products segment and its packaging technologies business. In the UK the business is the market leader in cement and concrete admixtures as well as being a major player in structural waterproofing   Based in Warrington, Cheshire, the Specialty Construction Chemicals division of GCP manufactures and supplies chemical admixtures to all areas of the concrete manufacturing industry.  The Company’s products are known for quality and proven performance supported by a high level of technical service from qualified staff.  Development of new materials to protect and improve concrete is an on-going strategy of the business and has been successful in gaining the Company’s reputation for innovation and customer service.  High performance chemical products to reduce shrinkage and control corrosion in concrete are typical advancements from the Company’s R&D laboratories based in Cambridge, USA.  The introduction of these technologies is carried out by specialised engineers advising Consulting Engineers on all aspects of concrete design.  GCP Applied Technologies operates globally in over 40 countries and serving customers in more than 110, employs over 2,400 people and has sales exceeding $1.5 billion.

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