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Full members manufacture and sell admixtures: Master Builders Solutions UKCHRYSO UK, GCP Applied Technologies, Oscrete, Sika.

Associate members sell supporting products: Borregaard, Elkem, Yara.

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Yara UK Limited

Yara International ASA is a global company that specialises in nitrogen chemistry. Founded in Norway in 1905, Yara has a worldwide presence with sales to over 150 countries.

We deliver solutions for sustainable agriculture, industrial solutions, the environment and our mineral fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population.

Our industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations: AdBlue (Air1) for vehicle NOx reduction, NOxCare for Maritime NOx emission control, Nutriox for the waste water industry and technical urea for animal feed solutions (Rumisan).

Also in our Industrial portfolio, Yara are major providers of CO2: for the food and drinks industry, CO2 for inerting purposes, Dry Ice for food distribution and storage and surface blasting.

Yara UK Ltd also produce NitCal, a multi-functional calcium nitrate based admixture component, for the concrete industry. Yara supply and work closely with all the admixture companies to ensure that they, and their customers, benefit from NitCal’s admixture multi-functionality, which includes setting acceleration – used for cold weather concreting and corrosion inhibition properties. NitCal can be used on its own or is compatible with other admixture components, often bringing an interaction benefit when combined with other components.

Yara pride themselves on their international network and knowledge base to their ability to provide solutions globally and at a local level.